Do you wanna talk?

hi! you know what, i’m really actually okay and i think it might be best for me to just separate myself from this. i just don’t think that this is a very accepting environment. everything just seems to be about labels, which is fine by me, but i feel like reactions have gotten really extreme and mean. i saw this post where someone was praising robert mugabe for institutionalized racism against white people, which is the most extreme instance i’ve seen, but kind of sums up my feelings. i think this website has really good intentions but isn’t going about it the right way. and tumblr was kind of my happy place where i could get away from everyday stuff and just interact with people about stuff i liked. but i’ve had some problems with depression in the past and i really don’t think that this website is good for me anymore. 

you’ve been a really good friend and you responded to this remarkably quickly which should be applauded. 

if anyone ever wants to chat with me on skype, i don’t have a working webcam right now but if you message me i’ll give that to you. maybe i’ll check me inbox in a week or something.

thank you for your message!

so i think i’ll be leaving tumblr for a while

i may come back but i’m not really sure

it’s just that this website seems like it has gotten a bit extreme and mean for my tastes 

so i’m going to be gone to see if that helps me out

i love all of you guys following me thank you for the support and know that all of you are awesome and everyone of you makes me so happy

have fun blogging!


SPN Child Guest Stars, Then and Now, part 2 (part 1)


SPN Child Guest Stars, Then and Now, part 1 (part 2)

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Dean Winchester + seeing Sam with girls


Sounds like a plan

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idc if it’s true or not this headline is all that matters to me. x




has this been done before or….




will never get over this